Newsletter - Dec 2016

24 Nov 2016

Well that’s it then, 2016 is finally spluttering to a close and what a fantastic year it’s been! Loads of new guests that will undoubtedly be back, as well as lots of our old favourites that enjoy coming to the club year on year. But sadly we now have only three club nights left before……….….the ‘C’ word!! So without further ado….
Friday the 2nd December brings another of our legendary Singers’ Nights. Don’t be disappointed, these singers nights are normally over-subscribed so do please contact Debby or Derry on 01384 560462 to ensure you get a floor spot, we have a maximum of 14 slots. Alternatively just come and enjoy the talent on display. A great night is guaranteed! 
Then on the 9th we will be hosting Barlow Cree. Not, as you might expect the surnames of these two guys but something entirely different…..which I will leave to them to explain. Liam Millinship and Jonny Matthew are up from the valleys of South Wales (although Jonny claims to be a Yorkshireman), and are visiting us for the first time tonight. With Liam on guitar and both of them on vocals you will hear a host of self-penned and traditional material delivered in an affable style from two very likeable chaps who are developing a large following on the club and festival scene…..particularly with the ladies, for some reason!! It’ll be a night you won’t want to miss….trust me!
Then finally, on the 16th, it’s the night you’ve all been dread….err…..waiting for, it’s the wonderful WOODMAN PANTO NIGHT ……..(oh no it isn’t….oh yes…. etc. etc)! Featuring at great lack of expense all your favourite luvvies from the hallowed vaults of both the Woodman and Bromsgrove folk clubs, here to tread the boards for your delectation, delight and inevitable despair! You can’t fail to be really disappointed by their lack of talent, but enthusiasm shines through and an evening of raucous hilarity is – well, extremely unlikely……we can but hope!! It is also rumoured that Fairfield may delight us all with some musical treats towards the end of the festivities.
Please see separate email re: booking your seat for this final evening.  
And that’s yer lot, so a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all and we’ll be delighted to welcome you back on the 6th January for the first Singers Night of 2016.