Newsletter - July 2015

01 Jul 2015

What a fabulous month we had in June ‘eh! Fantastic performances from our own local lad Pete Boddis, followed by the superb Winter Wilson and an electric performance from Mumbo jumbo last week, and we still have a singers night to go yet! Phew.

Anyway, July is now just around the corner - (where on earth is this year going??) - and as usual it’s a short month for Woodman goers but entertaining nonetheless, so without further ado, here goes :-

Friday July 3rd is going to be a little different from usual in that it will be a showcase night for some of the regular club artistes and also the long awaited (or dreaded) release of the new CD from Nothing To Prove. The band will be doing an extended spot and performing most – if not all – of the tracks on the album but there will still be plenty of time for extended spots from all your favourite regulars. Best of all, there will be an opportunity to obtain a copy of the CD, so form an orderly queue if you will………..!

On the 10th of July the club will be CLOSED as we will all be making merry down at The Bowling Green for the Bromsgrove Folk Festival.

In the words of our dear old friend Pete Brown, “Yes it’s that time of year again when the famous, the infamous, the good, the bad and the Woodman Folk Club, congregate at The Bowling Green, Shaw Lane, Stoke Prior, near Bromsgrove. Come and join us there and enjoy the festival, the singing and the camaraderie!” He’ll be there in spirit, I’m sure.

Then finally for this half of the year, the 17th will bring us the welcome return of Bev Pegg. Bev was with us last July and brought the house down with his peculiarly Black Country brand of humour and excellent music.

Bev released his most recent album, "Folk Songs from a Cradley Bloke" during October 2012. Most of the 14 tracks are related to Bev's Black Country roots together with a few traditional numbers. From skiffle, to folk and country to jazz, Bev’s been there. Look forward to a superb night.

That will be all folks so enjoy the summer break and we’ll see you all again when you roll up in your droves to renew your memberships on September the11th!

Till then, Cheers………………