Newsletter - December 2014

03 Dec 2014

Well that’s it then, 2014 is coming to an end and we now have only two club nights left before……….….the ‘C’ word!! So without further ado….

On Friday 5th December we are hosting Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts who have visited the club before but believe it or not that was four years ago! Since then they have grown in stature and are now amongst the premier league of artistes on the club and festival circuit today. Virtuoso performers on guitar, mandolin and fiddle and with stunning voices to complement their playing, they now have three CD’s out all of which are just outstanding and we are proud to welcome them back. You won’t be disappointed.

Then finally, on the 12th, it’s the night you’ve all been dread….err…..waiting for, it’s the wonderful WOODMAN PANTO NIGHT ……..(oh no it isn’t….oh yes…. etc. etc)! Featuring at great lack of expense all your favourite thespians from the hallowed vaults of both the Woodman and Bromsgrove folk clubs, here to tread the boards for your delectation, delight and inevitable dismay! You can’t fail to be really disappointed by their lack of talent, but enthusiasm shines through and an evening of raucous hilarity is – well, just possible I guess!

It is also rumoured that Fairfield may delight us all with some musical treats towards the end of the festivities.

 And that’s yer lot, so a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all and we’ll be delighted to welcome you back on the 9th January for the first Singers Night of 2015.