Newsletter - November 2013

25 Nov 2013

Hi Folks,

Only two events before Christmas!

Firstly on 6th it’s Mike Silver who’s been coming to the club for as long as I can remember. Welcome back Mike. Look forward to a rewarding evening of wonderful relaxing music; just what you need after all that Christmas shopping.

Finally for the year it’s ‘The Pantomime’ on the 13th. As well as the magnificent scenery, beautiful costumes and intricate plot you will hear from all your favourite artists. And, if that was not enough Fairfield Folk will provide the grand finale for the evening.
The questions that have been asked about the pantomime are:
‘Will the hero win?’
‘Will the production be as good as last year?’
‘Will good triumph over evil?’
‘Will Bob lose his tights?’

Of course all these questions and more will be answered on the night.
So, come along and enjoy the superb, ‘well-rehearsed acting’, repartee, music and inclusive food.

Have a good Christmas; see you in the New Year on the 3rd January.

Keep singing,