Newsletter - June 2013

27 May 2013

Hi Folks,

This month besides the attraction of cheese or ham cobs with or without onions or mustard you get Pete Boddis and his Band on the 7th. Pete, a favourite at the club, has been involved in the music business since the early rock and roll days. You'll hear original material with strong country and folk influences as well as some well-known classic songs.

On the 14th, it’s Kieran Halpin, ‘Streets of Everywhere’, ‘Glory Days’, ‘Berlin Calling’, ‘Raglan Road’, ‘All the Answers’ and ‘Closing Time in Paradise’. All these powerful songs may feature tonight. It’s two years since Kieran was last here, too long in my book!

The following Friday it’s Folk Songs from a Cradley Bloke which happily is also Bev Pegg’s latest CD title. From skiffle, to folk and country to jazz Bev’s been there, perhaps we’ll be treated to a taste of each; to find out, make sure you make it on 21st.

Finally for the month, on the 28th, we’ve got a Singers’ Night. It’s time to get your instrument out, give it a polish and come along to a relaxed evening of diverse and exceptional music; to book a spot to perform please contact Barry and Corinne on 0121 602 3010.

At the beginning of next month we’ve got the great John Richards Band.

That just leaves me to give you an archive quote from Harvey Andrews, “Making choices is all about deciding which of the things you don't need you want the least.”

Keep smiling, keep singing,