Newsletter - Nov 2012

26 Oct 2012

Hi Folks,

This month we’ve got some new artists as well as some ‘old’ favourites!

On the 2 November it’s Tattie Jam who offer a distinctive brew of songs, from dark ballads and protest songs to off-the wall humour, and tunes ranging from slow airs to driving Strathspeys and kinetic jigs and reels. Much of their material is given a playful or funky contemporary twist.

Then on 9 November an old favourite (old in the sense that we’ve known him for a long time!) yes, it’s Bram Taylor, now on his sixth visit. You will know his distinctive voice and great sense of humour. 

The following week on Singers’ Night you will get another chance to play in front of a friendly audience? Come on, give it go! But, get there early to book your spot as these nights are very popular and slots are limited.

On 23 November we’ve got Mumbo-Jumbo to entertain you, three of the Midlands most experienced blues musicians - two boys and a girl, Oliver Carpenter, Chris Lomas and Abby Brant – together in an acoustic format you get what they are best at - live music performance. Highly recommended!

And finally, on 30 November it’s Bob Fox, another well established favourite. Bob has been a professional folk singer for over 30 years. His North Eastern roots give him an edge particularly when he sings a superb version of Jimmy Nail’s song ‘Big River’.

Next month in the lead up to Christmas, yes, sorry it is getting closer, will be the famous? - Woodman Pantomime. What will this year bring? Will it have a cast of thousands? Will good triumph over evil? As usual it will be a closely guarded secret until the last minute - even from the performers. Well we want them fresh and inspired.

Keep singing,