Newsletter - Oct 2012

25 Sep 2012

Hi Folks, 

What a cracking start weíve had to this season!

Hang on to your hats because October is shaping up to be just as good.

October 5th itís Gren Bartley, youíve seen him here before on an introductory spot. According to Spiral Earth - ďBartleyís song writing and performing style has found a perfect point mid-Atlantic, English tunes with American folk and blues melded into something new and wonderful.Ē Maybe Julia Disney will be here too.

Youíve known them for the last 14 years if not longer. The Bica Band will be taking the stage, so, donít miss them on 12 October! This may be one of their last performances in this country for some time.

Then on 19 October itís the Ann Duggan Band. Annís music might best be described as a seamless mix adding country, folk and rock, played with a powerful combination of energy, melody and lyricism. The band, with guitarist Rob Hines, bass player Callum Mullins, and drummer Paul Williams, will give us a storming evening.

And finally for October on 26th itís Singersí night with some new arrangements. Floor spots will be done on a first come basis. So get there early or book your spot with Debs and Derry. See the Woodman website for contact details.

Your trailer for next month - look out for Bram Taylor and Bob Fox.

Keep singing,