Newsletter - Sept 2012

27 Aug 2012

Hi Folks, 

I hope you had a sunny and warm summer; if you did maybe it wasn’t in this country!

Welcome back to the folk scene at the Woodman, with a few changes happening. Ian and Ann are planning to leave us and make their main home in Spain. We wish Ian and Ann the very best for the move and say thank you for all the fun and entertainment they’ve given us for the last 14 years. (Yes it is that long!)

In readiness for the move Ian has handed over the running of the club to Debs and Derry who with the help of friends will keep it one of the premier folk clubs in the Midlands.

Debbie and Derry send you this message: 

"Hi Folks,

Just a quick note to let you all know what the club’s intended start and finish times are.

The acts will start around 8:30pm, so if you could get here roughly from 8:15pm you won't miss a thing.
Our aim on guest artist nights is to finish around 11:00pm - 11:10pm no later.
If you want to stop after that for a chat/drink that's fine provided the bar staff don't mind, (please remember they are the boss).
Of course singers’ nights may run on a little longer but again no later than 11:20pm.
It would be fantastic if you are a singer/player to see you on any club night, but please be advised that during guest artist nights, floor spots will be limited. 
For this reason regular performers who frequent the club on all occasions, will be given a preferential chance to play. So if you would like to get a spot on guest nights, become a regular!!
There will be a 15-minute break in the middle to draw the raffle etc.
Please remember sometimes delays occur, (bad weather, motorway problems etc.) but we will do our very best to stick to the times stated above.

One last request;
If you have suggestions on any artist you would like to see at the club, please let us know.

Suggestions so far are:
• Fake Thackray 
• Union Jill 
• Boo Hewerdine 
• Clive Gregson 
• Stool Pigeon 
Our G-mail address is on the web site, or we could do it the old fashioned way and tell us on the night.

Come along and have some fun!

Derry & Deb”

This season will start with Singers’ Night and membership on the 7 September followed on the 14 September by Kim Lowings and The Greenwood. Hailing from Stourbridge, Kim is a folk singer & songwriter who works with contemporary and traditional folk song to weave tales of enchantment and rebellion. Together with The Greenwood of Jarv Lowings, Tim Rogers and Ben Lowings they will produce some beautiful music for us.

Then we have one of the stalwarts of the club; look forward to some excellent singing, driving rhythms, and intricate guitar work from Pete Kelly. Pete will get the whole club rocking with “Marrakech Express” and “Love the one you’re with”. And lots more.
Finally for September, on 28th, Joe Topping often as an integral part of Elbow Jane but tonight as a solo act. I’m sure we will hear songs from his recent solo Album “Ghosts in The Shadows”. It features songs inspired by, learnt on or written on his walk across America. Songs ranging from traditional folk music to country influenced acoustic blues.

On behalf of Debs and Derry I wish you a very warm welcome to the new season. The evenings will be packed with music, humour and camaraderie, as they have been for the last 41 years thanks to Ian and Ann and before them, Mick Harrington.
Visit us soon to ensure that the club goes from strength to strength and that live music continues to prosper on your doorstep.

In October look out for Gren Bartley and Julia Disney and the Bica Band

See you soon, keep singing,