Woodman Video Links

15 Aug 2021

This section of the web site gives links to Woodman related videos on YouTube, MySpace or other external sites. Typically they will be videos of Local Artists or Guests, either at the Woodman or other venues.

If you have any links to videos that you would like to be included in this section, please drop me an 

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03/04/2020 WVFC   1st Half    2nd Half 01/05/2020 WVFC   1st Half    2nd Half
29/05/2020 WVFC  1st Half   2nd Half 26/06/2020 WVFC   1st Half    2nd Half
31/07/2020 WVFC  1st Half   2nd Half 28/08/2020 WVFC   1st Half    2nd Half
02/10/2020 WVFC   1st Half    2nd Half 06/11/2020 WVFC   1st Half    2nd Half
18/12/2020 WVFC   1st Half    2nd Half 29/01/2021 WVFC   1st Half    2nd Half
26-28/02/2021 Woodman Folk Club 50th Birthday Virtual Festival  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4
26/03/2021 WVFC   1st Half    2nd Half 30/04/2021 WVFC   1st Half    2nd Half
28/05/2021 WVFC   1st Half    2nd Half 02/07/2021 WVFC   1st Half    2nd Half
2018 Pantomime - Jack And The Beanstalk 2019 Pantomime - Robin Hood and his Merry Woodmen
2016 Pantomime - Aladdin and his Magic Lamp 2017 Pantomime - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2014 Pantomime - Dick Whittington 2015 Pantomime - Cinderella
2012 Pantomime - Cinderella     2013 Pantomime - Robin Hood
2010 Pantomime - Aladdin and His Magic Lamp 2011 Pantomime - Beauty and the Beast
Alan Warndon Anne Adams Anthony John Clarke Babajack
Barry & Corinne        Bev Pegg               The BICA Band Billy & Lozz
Bob Fox Boo Hewerdine Bram Taylor Bryn Phillips       
Clive Carroll Dan Walsh Dick Woodhouse    Fairfield
Full House Gary & Gill Gren Bartley Hanky Panky
Hot Flush Ian Munro Ian Pittaway Ian Sutherland
Joe Topping John Langford Keith Judson Kieran Halpin
Kim Lowings  L'il Ian Goodsman Mick Bisiker Mumbo Jumbo
Nothing to Prove Patsy Matheson&Becky Mills Pete Boddis Pete Kelly
Red Shoes Roger Marsh Stool Pigeon Sue Stevens
Tattie Jam The Bushbury Mountain Daredevils The Great Western The Night Watch
The Puritans The Queensberry Rules The Red Dirt Skinners Tim Judson
Tim Judson & Julia Disney Tony Portlock Tosh Ewins Union Jill
Velvet Green Vin Garbutt Xtras