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Martyn Wyndham-Read
Genevieve Tudor & Allan Price 18 July 2003
Good night
Don't start that again

Pete asked us to write another review

Yes. Shall we do it properly this time?
We could do. I've read reviews. I know how to do them. You start 'the first time I ever saw Martyn Wyndham-Read…'

Yes. But I haven't seen him before.
Well that's buggered that then. We can't do it.

I expect we'll end up writing the usual rubbish then.
I suppose so. It won't be right though will it?

Why don't we just do it and see what happens
Okay. Let's do it at home though otherwise we'll get lost in Swindon again
…Wind and rain
No, Wyndham-Read

No, that's the forecast for tomorrow - we'd better take coats to the festival.
…Excuse me, how am I supposed to spell that look you just gave me?
We'd better write that review then

Yes, you pour the wine and I'll feed the cats
Okay. Why is the cat sitting on the paper?

Because that's what cats do
Okay… it's making it difficult to write though

Well, what did you think?
I'll find a piece with less fur on.

I wish you'd take this more seriously.
Oh, alright then. We got a seat this time - well, one each in fact.

I said be serious.
It's a significant point. We'll be able to write 'The first time I got a seat at The Woodman' like they do in the proper reviews.

We did get there early I suppose. Getting there early means there's more to write about.
Yes, who was on first?

That was Sue Paynter.
I know that name.

She's from the Lighthouse club in Halesowen.
Oh yes, of course. We'll have to try to get over there one Thursday night.

I thought it was a bit insensitive when she started with Blackleg Miner, bearing in mind the state of Trevor's leg.
He may have a black leg, but he's certainly no minor - I do hope he'll be better soon.

Thinking of the Lighthouse, Bryn Phillips has been the guest there a couple of times, hasn't he?
And in spite of that, the suicide rate in Halesowen remains below the national average.

That's not fair - he's not that bad.
You know very well what I mean, he's very good but his choice of material makes Leonard Cohen seem quite cheerful.

He must have had a bad night tonight then - nobody died.
I'm sorry?

His songs - zero body count.
Right. Who was on next?

What - forgotten already? What were you drinking?
My memory is just as good as it was… err… whenever. I know. It was Nothing to Prove.

So it was. You know, we've played their CD a lot, but I still like to hear them live.
Yes, I think they sounded better than ever. Why is Medium Paul called Medium Paul? Is he psychic?

You're not trying to set me up for a cheap joke about spirits here, are you? I only saw him drinking beer. No, Medium is a tribute to his prodigious weight loss.
Are you sure?

Don't go there.
Sorry. Anyway, then Mr Wind-up Read came on

Do you know, you've been calling him that for so long, one day you'll slip and do it in public.
No I won't, I'm far too careful.

You know, I've seen people in clubs and concerts with notebooks. I often wondered what they were doing. I think I know now.
And your point is?

Well you know what my memory's like - I know we had a good time, Martyn was great and all that, but I can never remember the titles of the songs.
Think of something else to say then. Some incisive and penetrating comment that will show everybody you really know what you're talking about when it comes to folk.

I thought he had more hair than that.
Is that it?

You've been out to see one of the top performers on the folk circuit, a favourite at the Woodman for over 30 years, and all you notice is his hairline.

…There were other things.
Such as?

I was going to say he talked about the courses he runs at La Jeusseliniere but I can't pronounce that, let alone spell it.
Think of something else then.

I could say 'As usual, Martyn's sets comprise a rich mixture of traditional and modern, British and Australian, with the odd surprise thrown in.'
That's better - doesn't sound like you though.

No, I copied it from a web site - some bloke called Harrington wrote it - I don't think anyone will notice.
Probably not. No MWR performance would be complete without his versions of Eric BogIe songs.

Have you been on that web site as well?
Might have been. Anyway, he played a song from Eric's new CD.

It's As If He Knows
Certainly does - he sang it all the way through. You know, the one about the horses.

That's the one
Martyn did it very well.

Great voice… superb songs. Is he Aussie?
Don't sing that song again…

What, 'Is 'e an Aussie, is 'e Lizzie…'?
Yes. No. He lived there. From Sussex. On a sheep station. You weren't listening

Yes I was. He said that. Good jokes as well. He's just a brilliant all round …
Interesting songs, too. Beautifully sung. I liked him a lot. When can we get to see him again?

Well, you should know - we've got this Sunday Folk what’s on diary…
I'll have a look. I was a bit puzzled at one stage.

Only the one - that's a record.
Yes that's it, the record - we tend to call them CDs now though. He's put together this fantastic CD of English songs and Aussie variants, then he goes and sings different versions altogether.

They could have made it a triple CD - English songs, Aussie variants, and the ones Martyn Wyndham-Read actually likes.
It's an excellent CD, Song Links. Fellside have made a terrific job of the presentation. It's beautifully produced. And there are some great songs

I was so impressed to find that The Woodman had sponsored a track on it.
That's certainly a CD to buy and Martyn has plans to do a whole series of Song Links, too.

Now we know what's going on, I think Sunday Folk ought to sponsor a track. I think that's a great idea.
I can't wait for the next one. And it would be good to see him live again. He's got a lovely style. He's comfortable to listen to…

Is that it? Did we want to say anything else?
I wasn't going to mention the raffle - someone might have noticed we didn't buy a ticket.

I meant something relating to music actually.
That rules Nick Herringbone out then - he did have a friend with him though - which was nice. Was it Pete who used to be in The Puritans? He couldn't quite drown out the banjo though.

I think they should do something about that… er … can you move the cat please…it's sitting in my wine now
Well… that's what cats do…