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Winter Wilson

Bryn Phillips 12 June 2015

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It was the first time that Winter Wilson had appeared at the Woodman, and having heard a lot of their music from Spotify over the past few weeks, I was looking forward to seeing them very much. Winter Wilson are a husband and wife team; Kip Winter and Dave Wilson, who play a variety of instruments to accompany a wealth of excellent songs.

Kip Wilson's main contribution to the act are her vocals, but she occasionally plays guitar, flute and accordion, although tonight the accordion remained firmly glued to the stage floor. Dave, again provides vocals, and between them they have some very nice harmonies. He also plays guitar and banjo (together with some banjo jokes) and on one song played harmonica.

Until I started listening to their music I hadn't realised that Dave Wilson had written "Storm Around Tumbledown" which has been recorded by both Vin Garbutt and Anthony John Clarke. But that song was just one of many very well written songs. We were treated to a range of material from sensitive, yet hard hitting songs, such as "Storm around Tumbledown", songs from personal experience, such as "Life In The Old Dog Yet" a song about a friend who had been through the mill, to the humorous satire of "Consultation Bullshit Blues". All of the songs were accompanied by some very accomplished guitar work and I noticed that although a few re-tunings were required all of this was done very unobtrusively as Kip chatted to us keeping the set flowing along flawlessly. Both Kip and Dave contributed to the between the song banter, and it didn't take long for the Woodman Audience to warm to them, and then to join wholeheartedly in the fun. They finished the night with a blues number for the encore. Throughout the evening Kip's vocals had been perfect, despite her apologies for hay fever but it was in this last blues that she excelled and reached the legendary 110%; it was mind-blowing. It was another booking success and a great time was had by all.

Additional support was provided by the Woodman regulars; Nothing to Prove, Velvet Green and your reviewer, aka Bryn.