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Karen Tweed & Roger Wilson
Bryn Phillips 28th September 2007

I‘d remembered Roger Wilson from the Houseband, and I’d heard of Karen Tweed, although I hadn’t seen her before. I seem to have remembered something about an accordion book, or a video. Not quite sure. So, what I was expecting was an evening of competently played folk music, jigs, reels and all the rest, maybe with a couple of songs thrown in. What we got was something quite special – a spectrum of musical styles from two incredibly talented musicians.  

They started off with a John Kirkpatrick tune with Roger Wilson on fiddle and Karen Tweed on Accordion, which confirmed my initial thoughts … but it was pretty good. Then we had a western swing song – Sleepy Eyed John. That was followed by another couple of accordion tunes, which really held us in awe of Karen’s amazing accordion playing and then …. (does anyone like Hank Williams?) a Hank Williams Song. This was followed by an unusual but very effective Appalachian Mountain version of “The Two Sisters”, and the tone was set for the evening. An excellent mix of brilliant guitar and fiddle playing from Roger Wilson, and amazing accordion playing from Karen Tweed. As well as the traditional tunes, folk songs, Norwegian tunes, and western swing, they put in some self penned numbers and even a Big Bill Broonzy blues – John Henry. The vocals and guitar on this song were superb, but it was the accordion accompaniment which really hit me. Karen managed to make the accordion sound like a blues harp, playing train blues style. Amazing. The audience got involved as well. On a couple of songs we were encouraged to provide a whistling accompaniment – a brave move – and in “Hey Good Looking” the “Naughty Corner” were cajoled (didn’t need much cajoling!) into providing a percussion break.  The encore was a rousing chorus song - “Bob’s Building a Boat”.  A great end to a great evening.

Support was provided by Ian Munro, Bryn Phillips, and Barry Priest