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Will Morgan

Les Jones 29 January 2016

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“Had a great time at the Woodman Folk Club last night. My thanks to Deb and Derry for the gig. The Woodman crowd were great and created a really warm friendly atmosphere. We had a good set of songs and good natured banter (trying in vain to keep Paul in check!!!) from Nothing to Prove and nice couple of songs from Barry & Corinne. I loved Bryn's sat nav. song with the Gallic finish and his skills as ringmaster keeping the night rolling along smoothly. Thanks to everybody for singing and laughing along, all in all a bostin’ night. Thanks Again, Willum xx”

Will Morgan gave us all such a fantastic night that when it came to writing a review I couldn’t resist quoting his Facebook post as an opener. It says it all. The only person it doesn’t mention is Will himself. So I thought I would add a few words. “He was Very Good”

This is the third attempt to get this review past the censors at Woodman HQ. Firstly, I had to add a “Very” now they want me to say a bit more. So! (He wrote in a huff)

I went to a gig at another club last week (not on a Friday I wouldn’t dare) and the compere was a guy called Will Morgan. He was really really funny and kept the evening going with a swing. So this week a guy turns up at The Woodman who also says he is Will Morgan. He looked like Will Morgan, he talked like Will Morgan and he played guitar like Will Morgan, but it couldn’t be the same Will Morgan could it because as good as last week’s Will Morgan was this one was ten times as funny and surely that is not possible?

For the second week running we had a full house and having seen and heard Will I now know why. From the moment he began to tune his guitar imitating the pain experienced by the string when being put on a rack; the audience started laughing and they did not stop until he had finished the final encore. Three songs by the much missed Jake Thackray; and a selection from others such as Dougie Maclean; Dave Gibb; Anthony John Clarke and for his finale Dobie Gray’s - Drift Away. Some serious songs; many funny songs extolling the benefits of fine wine; Crunchy Tortoise Pies amongst other subjects; a couple of monologues; all neatly stitched together by innumerable jokes, quips and other assorted mischief. By the end sides were aching.

“Thanks Again Willum”