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Woodman Folk Club - Reviews

Gordon Tyrrall
Ben Trowper 2 April 2004
It was not too hot, it was not really cold, it was not raining or foggy, in fact there were no climatic conditions to deter visitors to the club. It must have been the start of the Easter break that led to a smaller than usual audience. But all those people who were getting ready to travel missed an excellent evening. To start, we had ¾ of Nothing to Prove and Bryn Phillips.

But the main artist, Gordon was on top form, he gave his songs total commitment and his fine guitar playing exactly complemented his songs.

Gordon is a singer whose reputation has been built on his interpretation of traditional material, but this is now a relatively small percentage of his act. We had a couple of tune sets, both on the guitar and the wooden flute. He is a fine flute player equally at home with Irish reels or old English dance music. 

The highlight of the evening for me was the final song of the first half, Richard Thompson’s 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. As Gordon said it is Richard Thompson’s most requested song. I can see why. This is closely followed, in my estimation, by Higher Germany, a song I have always enjoyed and admired. Both of these songs are on his So I’ve Heard CD. 

The enjoyable and intimate evening ended with Ian thanking all the artists including - “not to mention Pete on the door and Lynne behind the bar.”