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30 April 2010

Terry Bonham

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We arrived early Friday night into what we at first thought was a youth club night and also to find Derry knitting more than the normal amount of cables into the sound system. The youths collected one by one on the stage and instead of playing games on a hand held set or texting their friends (are these the people Busby is always singing about?) pickup a large array of different instruments for the sound check and played each one of them in a thoroughly competent manner.

After the usual performances of our home grown Stalwarts and Icon’s the stage was re set and I was waiting with anticipation for the main set, they were introduced by Bryn and TRÍ took the stage (apparently Tri, pronounced tree, is the correct Irish way of saying 3 so all you who have been laughing at Ken Doherty during his recent snooker commentaries owe him an apology), they were Niamh Boadle she is 16, Neal Pointon aged 15 and Ciaran Algar aged 14, I give their ages not as an apology for a group of children but as an added marvel to their talented musicianship. As they were about to start Neal made one apology while looking around the packed stage at its array of instruments he said “we aren’t a shop we are a group”. Then off they went playing Jigs, Slip Jigs, Reels and other traditional Irish music. I do have a list of some of the titles but I could tell you they were Granny’s New Hip, Dancing Down the Cut and that was a good Night on The Enville and you would be non the wiser. During the set there was a good relaxed atmosphere among the performers with some nice banter and Niamh trying to keep the two boys under control, Niamh also treated us to a couple of her songs and danced a slip jig for us. During the set Neal invited a little Harry Potter’s friend look alike, who had been wondering around the club, onto the stage, his name was Matt Murphy aged 14 he struggled to pick up a piano accordion at least half his size and joined in, performing at the excellent standard we had come to expect throughout the night. The one thing that stood out to me during evening was the excellent way the Bodhran’s were played certainly to a level I had never seen before.

As we went into the half time break Ciaran announced “we will be back after the break please don’t leave.” Just try dragging me out.

The second half was performed with as much enthusiasm and expert musicianship as the first and as they went way past what must have been their bedtime and they kept us all totally captivated. After the obligatory encore they finally left the stage not to fall asleep in their dear mothers arms but the three lads pulled some chairs into a circle and passing all the instruments between them continued to play for themselves at least another 45 minutes. 

Watch out for these four young musicians for in one form or another they will surely be stars of the future, and I personally would like to thank them all for an excellent night.