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Tom McConville
Bryn Phillips 11 February 2005
Itís a rare event to see Tom McConville at the Woodman. The last time he appeared was about four years ago and it was nice to see him back again. Everyone who went over to chat with him was met with that cheery smile which is his trade-mark on and off stage. He is a wonderful fiddle player and singer and treated us to a variety of tunes and songs, including a couple of my favourites "Slip Jigs and Reels" and "Blarney Roses".  As always his fiddle playing was immaculate and his patter was amusing, engaging and professional.

I was fortunate enough to win his CD in the raffle and I would highly recommend it. Iíve already played it several times and canít help but notice that the fiddle playing sounded far warmer and mellow than it did through the PA in the live performance Ė with hindsight, in a small club, Tom would probably be better off coming down into the audience, and play and sing unamplified Ė I think that would be quite an experience.

As well as Tomís performance we had contributions from Ian Munro, John the Flautist, Bryn Phillips and Richard Robinson.