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Risky Business
Ben Trowper 25 June 2004
The Raven

It's only the song of the raven
As he cunningly seals your fate
As he plunders and steals
And he makes crooked deals
And before you wake up it's too late.

Their famous, powerful, thought provoking, song about war

And the rain kept falling
The shells kept falling
As the night was falling
And the wounded calling
Where was the raven who saw to the slaughter
And the cries of the young men who died
In the mud and the blood and the stinking black water
Why, Why, Why.

This was only part of a wonderful evening with Risky Business when we learnt about the 23 year-old cat, Ruth’s gran aged 97 and the man who lived in Manchester – no house, just Manchester. All this was told us with flair and interest but it was eclipsed by the music.

We had End of the Day, Midnight Train and Going Home again from their latest CD plus the old favourites, Mystic Lipstick and Louisiana and many more. Finishing with one that Ruth sprang on Ken and Dave (was it due to the many requests?) Something in Red before the encore.

So, thank you Ruth, Ken and Dave for sharing your music with us. I look forward to next year about the same time, same place.