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Red Moon Road

Red Moon Road

Chris Page 24 April 2015

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WOW ! "Hey what a night" is the song that comes to mind. What a great night we all had, the room was buzzing with a wonderful atmosphere and it was to say the very least packed out.

To start the evening we listened to regular members Velvet Green, with their lovely rendition of "Margarita" and I believe a self penned song "Song for Larry". This was followed by Dick Woodhouse with a Jake Thackray number "On Again, On Again" which had us all rolling with laughter, then a sad song leaving a few tears, being a fitting tribute to Anzac Day, Eric Bogle's "And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda".

Then to the star act of the night "RED MOON ROAD" all the way from Canada yet feeling like part of us, from the moment they started they had us in their hands,... was it the carefully crafted songs? or was it the intimate story telling, I just don't know, but what I do know is that everyone in the room appeared to be enjoying themselves. The band is made up of Sheena Rattai on vocals and percussion not forgetting also the Kazoo, then the two Daniels,.. Daniel Jordan on vocals guitar and mandolin and percussion, Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner on vocals, mandolin, banjo and guitar.

All great musicians/artists in their own right but more than just that, really lovely people.
We listened to various songs, happy, sad and thought provoking. However, what made the songs even more special was the lovely story telling and explanation for each one, these stories were at times very personal to each of the artists and some ran way back in their own family history, this gave us an understanding of each of them, as already said lovely people.

To name just a few of these there was "Demons", "Sailor song", "Do or Die", "Private Love", "Mighty glad you came", "Seasons", "Breathing Slow" and "Why have you left the Ocean". We also had a beautiful rendition of a Beatles number "In My Life".
The harmonies were just wonderful along with the silky clear voice of Sheena and the uncompromising musicianship of the two Daniels. Let's all hope they can come back sometime soon.

Our compere was our own Bryn Philips; Bryn also treated us to two numbers half way through the evening these were "Dante II" and "Sat Nav Sally". As usual these were self penned by Bryn and were also true stories. Sat Nav Sally being a peach; we are however a little worried that Bryn may start sleeping in his car!!.