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Rag Mama Rag
Robert Pwen 14 March 2008

Rag Mama Rag, I can't believe it’s true.
Rag Mama Rag, what did you do? 

Was it really all over? It seemed so short and yet we’d had two encores and the time was well past 11 p.m.   This is how it felt after an evening of superb entertainment from the French based husband and wife duo, Rag Mama Rag.  They gave us a wonderful evening and left us wanting more.  With songs such as "Malted Milk Blues" (Robert Johnson), "Goin’ down to Brownsville" (Sleepy John Estes) and "In The Pines" (Leadbelly) in the first half, we knew we were in for an awesome night.  It wasn’t just the songs; Ashley Dow on Peerless Port Town jumbo Arch top guitar, Henderson Acoustic Guitar, National & Dobro Resonator Bottleneck Guitars, Weissenborn Acoustic Lap Steel, Ukulele provided the driving rhythms on vocals to inspire us while Deborah Dow on Harmonica, Washboard, African Drum and Spoons gave the rhythmic back up that kept the songs tight. 

The second half started with "Deep River Blues" (Doc Watson).  There was; "How Long Blues", "Comin’ in on a Wing and a Prayer", "Wee Midnight Hour Blues" and a poignant self penned "You Can’t Make Somebody Love You".  I was amazed at "Apple Jack Rag" with Ashley on ukulele and Deborah on spoons, closely followed by Bukka White’s " Fixing to Die" and one for us to join in with "Diddy Wah Diddy". The final number, the first encore Lightnin’ Hopkins , "Blue as I could Be", then the second encore Robert Johnson’s "Crossroads" and it was all over.  In his finishing words we all agreed with Ian, ‘They will be back’.