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Pete Kelly

Les Jones 19 January 2018

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What a superb evening. Every week I turn up thinking nothing can compare with last week’s. Wrong again.

Pete Kelly is a local lad (I use the word lad advisedly) with a lovely sense of humour; lots of stories to tell; a huge collection of songs to choose from and wonderful guitar skills. Tonight, we were treated, as requested by several club members, to an evening of Pete Kelly original songs. Each having its own particular story to tell.

The evening was opened by our own Nothing to Prove giving us three songs which were brand new to them. Debbie took a rare lead vocal on Karine Polwart’s - Follow the Heron Home – more please. Rob gave us two tunes on his mandolin – Turlough O’Carolan’s Fanny Power and the more traditional Fanny Frail – a Morris tune employed normally to accompany the Evesham Stick Dance. I’m not sure if I am pleased or not that no attempt was made to dance it. Their set was completed by a new Paul Bedingfield song – the first time he said that he had set out to write a song without using pure inspiration. The result was a ghost story which gave us all shivers in various places.

Barry and Corrine followed up with two lovely songs – the first from former Mountain Bushbury Eric Barlow entitled “You Decide My Love”. The second a Barlow Cree song – San Jose. They certainly knew the way to play that one.

Pete’s first set comprised songs from all/both of his cds:
Barefoot on the Shore; When We Were Kings and Reservation Road from the cd of the same name – Build Me a Boat; The Raid and Pot of Honey from Room of Dreams. The odd one out Davey’s Bridge was a sad tale of a homeless person whose only place to sleep was under a bridge. In between songs we had tales about a visit to Coughton Court – the details of which will have to remain in confidence, but I assure you unforgotten. The Raid told of the 1916 Zeppelin over Wednesbury whilst some were watching some were watching the ironically named play The Fateful Wedding. The was an unplanned and unexpected deviation into The Tinga and Tucker song and discussion about the various merits of their TV club. This brought about the best audience participation of the night so far when almost everyone sang the club song. Before you ask no I do not know what it was all about either.

Bryn Phillips as normal introduced the second half with two of his own songs: Cargo Cult and Dark Clouds Rising. A great as ever.

In the second set Pete gave us six songs from the Room of Dreams cd; Grandad’s Old Guitar; The Folk Club; George Kelly; Racing with The Moon; Navajo Waltz/Cowboy for a Day and the eponymous Room of Dreams. Lovers by the Sea from the first album. The encore(s) were taken from the huge list of songs he had received requests for but had been unable to sing. Just Us is a brand-new song he had written for and about a near neighbour who had recently died from the effects of Alzheimer’s. This segued neatly into Wichita Lineman – a fitting tribute to Glen Campbell.

He finished of course with his beautiful song Time to go Home. A suitable end to a brilliant evening.

Of course, there is little more for me to say other than:

A Wonderful Night Was Had by All.
Here’s to The Next One.