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Les Jones 22 February 2019

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It was 11 March 2016 when the band last graced The Woodman stage – albeit Dave Walmisley had been back to see us as part of Risky Business in May 2017. As is usual on these occasions there were cries of “It can’t have been that long” from both band and audience. “Oh yes it was” could have been the response, but Christmas has gone. Despite the passage of time, however, it didn’t take long for us all to settle down as if it was only yesterday.

As sometimes happens the evening inadvertently had a theme. Colour. The band has a new cd on sale. “Green Light”. The design is green. Struggling to remember the title it became know as the green album. Every mention of a cd after that came with a colour reference. And by the way, I have it on good authority that the next album is going to be red (As well as heard – get it?).

Over two sets the band gave us 16 songs and four or five fiddle tunes ably played by Gregor. Surprisingly they played only five songs off the new cd, which is a shame because we missed some crackers. It did give us time however, for songs from other CDs which were more familiar.

Humour was always present during the evening be it from the band or heckles from the audience and from the band, which is a bit unusual, but it worked. We were described as “An unruly lot you”, which I can’t argue with. Dave sang – Across the Rubicon – twice, or very nearly, due to a slight misunderstanding between he and Pete. There was also a hesitation when trying to remember the date of his wedding, but we’ll pass over that.

I could list all the songs they played but I won’t. Instead I will just say that the band are consummate musicians who are obviously friends and think a lot of each other both on and off stage. They have a dry sense of humour, which they display throughout the night, and a catalogue of songs both meaningful and touching.

Always a pleasure to have them at the club.

As ever and as I have demonstrated,

A Wonderful Time Was Had by All.