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Kirsty McGee with Matt Martin
Ian Sutherland 16 January 2004

This was Kirsty’s second visit to the club having been here last year as a soloist. This time around she was accompanied by Matt Martin on guitar and mandolin.

Kirsty is on of the UK ’s newest talents as a singer/songwriter/gutarist. She treated us to an evening of originals from her first album “Honeysuckle” (2002) and her brand new CD “Frost”. These are all well crafted songs with poignant lyrics, some of which relate to Kirsty’s own experiences. All were superbly sung and played. Her voice is reminiscent of Natalie Merchant with a touch of Suzanne Vega – not bad comparisons!!

Particular highlights for me were “Spit and Shine” – about migrant workers in Cornwall , “Put Back The Stars” – with its French feel a la Edith Piaf, and 1866 –  about the time when the river flooded parts of Manchester and corpses from the local cemetery flowed down the streets – it did have its humorous side to it!!!

Kirsty is definitely a rising star. Be sure to catch her next time and in the meantime check out her 2 CD’s available through her website.

Floor spots this week featured regular artistes, Nothing To Prove, Ian Sutherland, Barry & Corinne and Bryn Phillips – who was thinking of performing John Page's 4 minutes 32 seconds on guitar and vocals but instead spent the next 5 minutes telling us what the first song was about!! However, it was very illuminating.