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The Lost Notes

Les Jones 08 February 2019

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The Lost Notes last played at the club on 9th February last year. Since it was so recent, I had thought that I wouldn’t write a review. What could possibly have changed in 12 months? The answer is everything and nothing. There were some new songs and some old ones. Old jokes and new ones? But what I noticed most of all was how they performed the impossible. In 2018 the band were tremendous. (See my review). By 2019 they had developed so much that they surpassed themselves. The audience were completely knocked out by their two sets, they yelled for more at the end and got it.

I cannot give any detail since I took no notes and as you know my memory is not what it. All I can say is that I was so struck by their performance that I had to say something for the record. This was it.

I am looking forward to the next time – which is a rather obvious hint to Debs and Derry to take note.

As usual of course, A Wonderful Time Was Had by All. But then again you knew that.