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The Lost Notes

Les Jones 09 February 2018

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I have lost count of the number of people who said to me before this evening that I must be sure not to miss The Lost Notes. There then usually followed a list of superlatives by way of explanation, but when I asked what sort of music they play I got all sorts of different answers. Folk, Country, Gospel, Blues, R&B, Funk, Jazz. And the answer is “Yes” all this and so much more. Their material was self-penned, soothing in places; raucous in others; serious and thought provoking and then again down right hilarious. What no-one mentioned was the drive and energy they produce and the obvious love they have for each other and the simple act of performing together– illustrated throughout by the smiles across their faces all night and the banter between themselves.

The band comprises; Oli Jobes – principal guitarist and vocals; Ben Mills - guitar, harmonica and vocals; Lucy Mills – vocals and cow bells (which regrettably we did not have the pleasure of); Silas Wood – double bass and Max Tomlinson on drums (Well when I say drums he had a snare and a couple of cymbals out of which he managed to get far more than most can get out of a full kit. What he would have made of a full kit I cannot imagine). All are consummate musicians. Most of the songs are performed as tight three-part harmonies. Magnificent.

In two sets they played a total of 18 songs and since I have the typed set list from Oli, I can see there were several more should they have been needed. Ten of the songs are on their debut cd Run Free Right Now, which is superb – anyone reading this should get a copy. I am going to break with tradition and not name all the songs they played but I will have to mention a few which I personally loved.

Green Grass; Upbeat, the meaning speaks for itself. Bankers’ Blues; Another quick one represents the case for the aforesaid bankers – if there is one? Still I come; I noted on the night as bluegrass – I may be wrong, but it was good anyway. Half Brother; is their version of the old who is related to who joke/song. Lonely with You; Poignant. Take My Hand – had a gospel feel, and together with Run Free Right Now were just two songs which had the whole audience singing, clapping and foot stomping. They would have danced in the aisles if we had any. I’m going to stop now but be assured everything we heard was excellent. If you are reading this and then see they are gigging somewhere go and see them.

I always feel that I should give more credit than I do to our own resident performers. I mean to but there is a limit to how long the review can be. This week we were treated to two songs from Velvet Green. A Song for Larry is one written by song writing duo Paul and Tony – about domestic abuse. Very sad. Salmon Song is an old Richard Digance song about the struggle the Salmon has, beautifully performed. I shall quote Oli Jobes who on meeting Sue said, “You have a beautiful voice”. He is right of course. I didn’t hear him say that to Dick Woodhouse, but he could perhaps have said his guitar playing on Icarus and the Joe Wilson song Sally Wheatley was superb – difficult to play but seemingly simple when matched with the songs. I really don’t know how he does it. Finally, of course the compere of the proceedings and prolific songwriter Bryn Phillips – Dante is about a robot sent down inside a volcano which broke down on the way out and was deserted by the researchers. Very sad, but now he tells us it was rescued several months fter he completed the song. What can I say about Sat Nav Sally – with added French chorus this time – which has not been said before? She is after all part of the family.

And that is that except to say:

A Wonderful Night Was Had by All.
Here’s to The Next One.