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Kim Lowings & The Greenwood

Keith Bache 15 February 2019

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If ever there was a gig worth travelling to, this was it. A visit to the wilds of Staffordshire and the Woodman Folk Club. A wonderfully welcoming club where Kim Lowings and The Greenwood played a quite amazing gig. Kim's beautiful breathtaking voice, stunning playing by the Greenwood, a sold out room, a little Woodman chaos and we had the perfect gig! You really have to be there to appreciate just how awesome this show was. KL&TG are like family here and the gig was very much like a house gig; relaxed, yet still professional.

Expect the unexpected with KL&TG (Kim, Jarv Lowings, Dave Sutherland & Tim Rogers) and here they started with a new song to their set - a cover of Singing Out The Days. How lovely to hear I'm Still Here, which even a sound issue interruption couldn't spoil (how I identify with some of those lyrics)!

The set continued with several Greenwood classics including a stirring Maggie's Song, another reletively new set addition - Up In The Morning Early (so beautiful), my favourite Call Me River (only Kim could make me smile and move me to tears in the space of a song), an interesting Galway To Graceland - only at The Woodman!, and closing with the song associated with Linda Waterfall who sadly passed away recently - Away Ye Merry Lasses.

The second set continued with more classics like Dark Eyed Sailor, The Allotment, The Jones Boys with some fine chorus singing from the capacity crowd and Oyster Girl, a first airing of North Sea Holes, The truly beautiful Go Tell The World. Have to say Kim is a something of a songwriting genius - both with her lyrics and some stunning melodies. Closing solo with a beautiful version of The Parting Glass just put the iceing on the cake. An encore of course (In Spirit) sent everyone home very happy.

A fun, crazy evening. Best gig of the year so far? Absolutely - I would be lying if I said otherwise.