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Kim Lowings and The Greenwood

Pete Brown 14 September 2012

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Polished, accomplished, haunting, tuneful, rhythmic are all words I associate with the performance of Kim and the Greenwood on Friday. The time just seemed to pass as we were treated to beautiful songs and expert playing on song after song. 

The line-up is Kim Lowings – vocals and mountain dulcimer, Andrew Lowings - guitar, bouzouki, bodhran, Tim Rogers – percussion, all of whom are based in the West Midlands. 

With a full house Kim opened her set with an unaccompanied number on the plight of a striking miner’s wife, ‘Coal not Dole’. This was quickly followed with the full band on ‘Did You Ever’. Next came ‘Phoenix’, a song I particularly liked with it’s haunting melody and esoteric lyrics, ‘Take my hand and follow me, dance with me tonight.’ It set the scene for the whole evening.

‘Daughter of Darkness’, Kim’s rendition was very reminiscent of Nick Drake; interestingly she opened the second half with a Nick Drake song, ‘Voice from the Mountain’. This was followed by the title track from her new CD, ‘This Life’ a song about making sure you make an impact; ‘My friend if there’s one thing you do with this life, don’t let it pass you by’.

Many more, all excellent, The Cruel Mother, Lord Randall, The Devil and the Ploughman, Shady Grove and many others until the last song ‘Goodnight and Joy be with you all’. But, of course, it wasn’t quite the end because we demanded more and weren’t disappointed with ‘Carey’ the Joni Mitchell classic. Thanks Kim and the Greenwood for a wonderful evening and also thanks to the supporting artists, Nothing to Prove, Velvet Green and Bryn Phillips.