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Pete Kelly & Caelen Cross
Rob Pentrew 3 February 2006
This is what the club diary trailer said of them, ‘Look forward to some excellent singing, driving rhythms, and intricate guitar work.’ And boy! This was exactly what we got on Friday night. Pete Kelly and Caelen Cross are a star act. The whole evening was laid back yet intensely rhythmical and exciting. Pete fronted Bill Caddick’s John O’Dreams closely followed by Caelen with Gimme a stone in which an enterprising fan brought in two stones and placed them on the stage. Pete’s got a neat trick of tapping a tambourine with his foot during songs, which adds to the impact of their playing. Caelen guitar work was impeccable, exciting and imaginative. He played some great solos including some superb work on the five-string mandolin. I liked the Crosby Stills and Nash offerings of Marrakech Express and Love the one you will. Pete encouraged involvement from the audience rhythm section (as if they needed any). I can’t keep from crying sometime an old John Renbourne song, faithfully rendered with an upbeat smooth tempo was brilliant. By the end of the evening Mark Cavener on bodhran was part of the act. I thought he was good but it was not until he was given a bodhran solo that I realised how good he really was. They finished with, was it the first or second encore, a superb version of Sweet Georgia Brown. All in all a brilliant evening!