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Tim Judson & Julia Disney

Pete Brown 15 October 2010

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What a change since they last appeared as the main act at the club just over a year ago! They were good then but now both Tim and Julia have developed musically to such an extent that they seem to be able to tackle any song, new or old with confidence and the ability to put their own special stamp on it. They have a wealth of material, most of which is self penned. I particularly like Julia’s song about not wanting to be like her mother, listening to Terry Wogan on BBC2, driving an old blue car, and Tim’s song about an eventful car journey in Africa when the car breaks down. 

Tim and Julia have both been to Africa in the last year at separate times and most of the regulars and stalwarts at the Woodman were worried that when they returned they would go their own ways, and each ‘do their own thing’. However after Friday’s performance this is clearly not the case and I can only see them going from strength to strength as they develop musically. Coupled with their undoubted musical ability is their stage presence which is taking on a definite theme with some charming banter between the two of them. Keep up the good work; we’re looking forward to the new CD!