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The John Richards Band

Gary Griffiths 28 January 2011

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The John Richards Band opened with their old favourite 'The Deserter', a powerful anti-war song, with most of the audience joining in the chorus. John apologised for both Emma and himself still recovering from heavy colds, but despite this they did very well.

After Emma's rendition of 'Where Are You Going To Run To Now', it was new band member Julia Disney's turn to perform one of her own songs 'Morecombe Bay'. The band then continued with some more of their popular songs: 'Honour and Praise', a sea-faring song which has been covered by our resident band Nothing To Prove, 'The Foundryman's Daughter', and 'Drake's Drum' which was new to Julia and encouraged plenty of percussion support from the audience.
This was followed by another of Julia's songs 'Kay's Song'. 

A few risque jokes preceded the next song 'Red Eyes on a Blue Day' to finish the first half.
John Richards started the second half with a solo performance of 'The Moth', before being rejoined by the rest of the band for the old Desperate Men song 'You're On Your Own'.
The next song 'Fool In Love' was sung mainly by Emma and Julia, and was followed by 'Reading Proverbs'. This was followed by the third of Julia's songs 'For your Name' in which she was joined by John and Emma to good effect. The next song 'Washbourne Road' had a very jolly tune, and was sung mainly by Emma. 'This Home's Got a Heart' about having to travel around a lot was followed by the inspiring 'If You Can Walk You Can Dance' with plenty of audience participation. The last main song was 'The Saddest Eyes of All' from the Desperate Men days.

The encore 'Shine On' was dedicated to the memory of Trevor Durden.

Support acts: Dick Woodhouse, Velvet Green, Bryn Phillips and Barry Priest.