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The Jigantics

Chris Page 20 February 2015

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Well folkies, what a great night of entertainment, without any shadow of doubt Deb and Derry have done it again, the booking of "Jigantics" was a master stroke.

Due to our regular compere Bryn Phillips being absent the evening was hosted by Paul Bedingfield who got the evening underway with our very own club entertainers and regular performers Dick Woodhouse followed closely behind by Velvet Green, all of whom gave us a lovely variety of music from ballads to seafarers.

Never having seen the live Jigantics I wasn't totally sure of what to expect other than what I had watched on "you tube" but let me just say, that doesn't do them justice, all 5 band members are first class entertainers and musicians, Mark Cole and Marion Fleetwood being the main vocals of the band but also great musicians with guitar, mandolin, accordions and fiddle, Rick Edwards on lead guitar, Lyndon Webb on guitar and bass then last but not at all least was Martin Fitzgerald on drums.

We were treated to mixture of Cajun style country, beautiful Ballads from Marion along with some foot stomping leg slapping country style rock from Mark, If this didn't entertain you then I guess there's little that legally will.

The club was very well attended making for a warm and enjoyable evening all round, not a lot more to say other than .....I didn't win the raffle again.