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Pete Brown 29 April 2005
Energetic, exhilarating, eclectic, exciting are words that spring to mind when I think of Isambarde. Friday night was all of that. Chris, Emily and Jude gave us an evening to remember. They were here last year but their music. confidence and stage presence has moved up a notch this year. A rousing Rochester started the evening followed by a thoughtful and moving rendition of Silver and Gold a song about John Gates the redundant miner who took up embroidery. Bryn Phillips who wrote the song was especially fascinated by their version, which was received strongly as the whole audience knew the song well and joined in the chorus. The first set included I Wish and Babylon but for me Emily's version of Lowlands Away was the song that set the standard for the night.

Earlier Ian Munro and Bryn Phillips had started the night with Bryn giving us his election song which he admits he can only sing every four years or so. As he said he did not have to change the words from the original 1997 version!

Isambarde's second half commenced with a set of tunes Matty Groves, King of Fairies and Hide the Sausage. Jude's brilliant musical ability shone through with Chris providing the driving rhythm on guitar to hold it all together. Mary Ellen Carter, Unquiet Grave, Bright Lights, Union Miners, The Hard Times of Old England all featured with the encore of the Jez Lowe Old bones closing the evening.