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Harvey Andrews

Nick Pedley 16 July 2010

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The return of Harvey Andrews to the Woodman was a step back in time for me. It was 39 or even 40 years ago that I first heard Harvey on stage and his music ‘hooked’ me into the folk music scene at that stage, when we were both in our 20’s. Hearing him sing, prompted me to join ‘The Woodman’ way back at its inception in 1971 and I shared this with Harvey when he came on July 16th. His response was to apologise immediately... Harvey hadn’t lost his sense of humour.

Amazingly, hearing him this year was the first time I’d seen him at a gig since those halcyon days of the early 70’s. Since that time I’d only heard him on vinyl, then CD. I think we’ve both changed a bit since then…, but the inimitable Harvey with his songs and repartee were undeniably the same. “When I Am Old One Day” followed by the ‘Hairy Mopkin’ story, were vintage Harvey and as he sang, the intervening years seemed to fade away. Harvey, the vintage story teller, interspersed with songs such as “Gift Of A Brand New Day” and “Hey! Sandy”, (the latter being a reminder of his ability as a singer/songwriter, acutely aware of social injustice) brought out in me a real sense of ‘déjà vu’.

Harvey is a consummate performer who has that ability to involve his audience in his storytelling and although he reminded us that he’s 67 now (which made me feel old!), Harvey has lost none of his early ability. Singing “Margarita” really was the ‘cherry on top of the cake’ and that night I left having bought another of Harvey’s CD’s and with memories of the ‘wilderness years’ when I’d been away from ‘The Woodman’. I am so pleased that Harvey had sparked my enthusiasm all those years ago, which only a few months ago, prompted by Trevor, had brought me back to membership of The Woodman after far too long an absence. Recently, I even found my 1972 membership card! Thanks Harvey, such an accomplished singer /songwriter and raconteur, you started me off at The Woodman and now I’m back, and very thankful. Thanks too, to all the ‘Stalwarts’ and ‘Icons’, yea, even ‘Legends’ of The Woodman! I can’t wait to renew my membership……..