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The Gerry Colvin Band

Les Jones 22 April 2016

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As the chimes of Left Bank Two by the Noveltones faded into the distance there began perhaps one of the best evenings I have experienced at The Woodman to date.

It began as is often the case with two lovely songs from club residents Velvet Green followed by another two songs – this time from Barry and Corinne who are equally as resident but regrettably still haven’t found themselves a name. I suppose it doesn’t matter though as long as we know who they are. After the break Bryn Phillips also gave us two of his songs and drew the four prize raffle that turned into five prizes when Gerry
drew out another ticket at the end to find who would have just missed a prize. Okay it sounds crazy but you had to be there.

The rest of the evening was taken up by The Gerry Colvin Band. All night people had been asking me “what are you going to say about tonight’s act?” I of course answered that I had it covered – no problem. Well here I am – they were right. How do I explain the phenomenon that is Gerry Colvin? Humorous – yes. Talented musician – yes. Excellent songwriter – yes. Okay so he is accompanied by three other talented musicians; Jerome Davies on Double Bass; Lyndon Webb on Mandolin and Guitar; Trish Feelan on accordion. Together they are excellent but as happened several times throughout the evening each one of them supported Gerry singly and created a whole different feel to the music again. I have to mention particularly one number which feature Gerry and Jerome on bass. I don’t have the words I would really like to describe the song but the performance sent shivers down my spine and probably that of many others.

During the evening I could have been listening to music in a folk club; a country and western club; a little jazz club on the left bank in Paris and so many other places. We heard songs entitled; God in A Bar; Go and Ask Somebody Else; The 9th Song; Johnny Cash’s Shirt; The Waiting Room and title wise, my favourite could have been, “Dad You Complete Bastard” but it had to be changed to “Feathers Falling from Angels” as it was still inside the watershed. Pity that. I should also mention House of the Setting Sun; Dirt and the wonderful encore which was One More Week requested by fans who had travelled two hours or more to see the band. Glad they did now.

But all this is only one quarter of the Gerry Colvin that I saw tonight the rest really does remain very difficult to explain. Whatever I say cannot possibly convey the man but here goes. Great voice; wicked sense of humour; enthusiastic; energetic beyond belief but also able to produce songs which encompass all that and a poignancy and understanding of some difficult sensitive subjects. He is above all deeply appreciative of
the part his audience plays in the evening and of the efforts of his band as an ensemble and as individuals. I lost count of the number of times he said “Thank You”.

Perhaps that it where I should end. I usually say something like a wonderful time was had by all. And it was. If you missed this evening I am sorry for you but I recommend that you take any chance you get to see Gerry Colvin. He was “Inexplicable”.