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Dave Love

Dave Love

Les Jones 14 June 2019

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That’s it. Nothing more to add.

A wonderful time was had by all.
Here’s to the next one.

Okay, well maybe I could say a little more.

I have known Dave for some years but only as someone who plays at singer’s nights, so two songs and a bit of chat and that’s your lot. But tonight, I saw the full 90-minute version and neither I nor the rest of the packed audience stopped laughing for the whole time. Bryn’s introduction listed some of Dave’s claims to fame such as appearing on numerous TV and radio quiz shows; demonstrating his erudition (my word) and celebrates (Latin first and second declension meaning celebrated), but you know that. In response Dave to know the word hyperbole – but I think this was an exaggeration.

In the first half he sang 12 songs; Three very short ones to begin with to help him over his nerves he claimed. I have all the titles from his set list which he “donated” to me. I will list them, but I cannot possibly convey the wit within them without writing them all out. Each song was preceded by a short/long explanation, which had us rolling in the aisles before he played a note. Having said that though most were given a comical setting the underlying meaning of some was thought provoking and certainly in one case quite depressing. He played two guitars during the evening – no not at the same time – exchanging one for the other involved; disconnection, walking to the other, swapping over and reconnection. I give away no secrets if I say Dave had not given this task a great deal of thought. Trying to talk while away from the microphone, failing to plug the new one in and the difficulties in finding the “plug hole” was hilarious.

• Seaside – Manipulating the names of towns on the coast.
• All About Yew – all is revealed when he allows you to know he talking about Taxus Baccata.
• You Tube – One for the hippies – sung to the tune of I Got You Babe.
• Mine All Mine – A la Noel Coward
• Never Explain Never Apologise – Self explanatory
• Where Do All The Songs Go – Poignant.
• Inter-City’s Easy – A Tony Jones song. Sadly, no longer with us a writer highly recommended by Dave. Fits well with the previous song.
• The Elements Song – An amazing song by Tom Lehrer which Dave attempted to sing in the minimum number of breaths. The official count was six but well… poetic licence and all that.
• Good Old Days – Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.
• Bench – who would have thought of this as a subject.
• Things To Do In Wolverhampton – Get a tattoo apparently
• The Fust Tiahme Ever I Sid Yower Faice – Apologies for the terrible spelling, but I could never spell Ewan McColl either.

There was a break here:

• Fierce Creatures - I Wish I Was a – compares dinosaurs to today’s small brain creatures and their antics
• Same Old Future, Same Old Lies – Far too true.
• Just – No I only You in the most dangerous word in the world.
• It’s Hard - Being a hedgehog in Gornal
• Edington Churchyard – Sited in Norwich
• Delicatessex – About food scares “The Billericay BBQ and Bittern Roast.
• Busker – A little bit of Dave he is not too proud of but is probably in us all.
• Duck Heaven – What can I say.

And the well-deserved encore:

• Ah d’ai do it – T’wor me.

As if Dave Love wasn’t enough we were treated to three support slots:

Velvet Green sang It’s All Just Talk - one of the Clive Gregson songs he didn’t do last week and Paul’s song Baby Hold On.
Dick Woodhouse – gave us two songs by Jake – Ulysses and The Jumble Sale.
After the break Bryn Phillips sang Share if You Agree and a very funny/serious song, Hot Frogs On The Loose, by an American called Fred Small, about nuclear contamination in a nuclear installation at Oak Ridge Tennessee. This involved a great deal of audience participation.

It was a truly great evening.

For the sign off I refer you to lines 3 and 4 above.