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Dave Gibb

Dave Gibb

Woody* 18 October 2019

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Hi Woody, here again with the latest review.

What a great evening that was. Superb guitar playing; side splitting sense of humour which appealed to all tastes, especially his quick one-liners and an eclectic selection of songs, from folk/blues standards to downright humorous, a bit of rock-a-billy (ish) to Talking Blues and Swing. We started laughing at the outset and continued until the last – which was a little embarrassing when we were supposed to be serious. There were of course the obligatory chorus songs which we were intended to participate – and did very well – such that he only needed to shout SING at us the once. At the end he actually complemented us on our vocals and harmonies.

Both sets compromised old favourites; Stalingrad, Shores of Paradise, Mellow Song, St. James’ Infirmary, The Jerking Dance, Privateer, The Gypsy Called Davy, and The Pensioner’s Do to name a few: and new songs both in fact and just to us. Said The Captain, Beggar Man, Rest These Weary Bones – from his latest cd Galena, Where I’m Meant To Be, from his “Misspelt cd Motherload” – I see what he means once I read it on the cover, a great song about a tattooist which I did not get the title of, Kate Wolf’s – Green Eyes, Standing Stones and to finish The Goodbye Song. Only of course it was not the finish because we all had chance to join in, harmonies and all with the Jackie De Shannon/ Searchers oldie Walk In The Room. You needed to be of a certain age to remember this of course. We were.

I must mention that I was a little offended when Dave noticing me in my regular spot, questioned if it was a Kazoo I have in my mouth. What else could it be?

In conclusion I should mention that on top of all this he such a nice guy, welcome at the club anytime.

John Hoare – a young song writer; Velvet Green – with their more mature song writer and Bryn Phillips – internationally known songwriter (If you count Wales) all provided excellent support to the evening.

So, one again, here’s me, Woody, signing off for this time. And as usual;

A wonderful night was had by all, here’s to the next one.


* Notes taken by Les Jones, who also typed up the review, but the views expressed are 
  those of Woody, the club mascot.