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Dave Gibb

Chris Page 15 March 2016

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 Well folkies, was that a good night or was that a good night?

Dave Gibb is a very talented guitar player/ singer songwriter, but Dave is also a very funny guy, who, with what appears to be little effort, had the room roaring with laughter.

The evening started off our very own "Nothing To Prove" and of course they don't !
We were then treated to a couple of songs from Sue and Paul, trading as "Velvet Green" lovely stuff.

The second "spasm" was taken up by our bluesy singer song writer and regular compere Bryn Philips, who treated us to a new song about face book, no doubt this will become a firm favourite.

Now back to Dave Gibb, I don't think he realized just how archetypical he came across as a guy from the Scottish borders making a point of guitar strings costing 16.99, then informing us they were given to him. He treated us to some great songs like "St. James infirmary", "A Gypsy called Davy", then hilarious ones like "The pensioners' Christmas Ball", "Male Menopausal Blues" etc, etc.

Dave is the sort of guy the audience very quickly warms to, he likes his audience to participate in some of his songs and is quick with his instruction to "SING"! His banter flows throughout the evening saying things like, "OK, you've got the words so let's try the tune next time" ! The evening was rounded off with the "Goodbye Song".

A thoroughly good night enjoyed by all.

Dave, if you are reading this we do hope you sold at least enough CD's to fund a bus ride ticket to your Daughters wedding. We also hope you all have a very special day.