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The Bushbury Mountain Daredevils

Pete Brown 01 Feb 2013

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Wow! What a brilliant night. There was standing room only and the Bushburys were on top form. Eddie Morton, Eric Barlow and Paul Hodson reformed last year as the Bushbury Mountain Daredevils. This line-up captures the folk and country essence of the early Bushbury's and features original members Eddy Morton on vocals, mandolin, harmonica, guitar and accordion, Eric Barlow on vocals and guitar and completing the line up Paul Hodson on vocals, ukulele bass and foot drum. 

We were treated to all the old favourites, King of my own country, Homeland, Born in the right time. They have lost none of their flair and showmanship. Clearly enjoying themselves they influenced the audience and made sure we were all enjoying the music too. All too soon the party was over, but Iím sure they will be back very soon.

To start the evening and get us in the mood Nothing to Prove, Velvet Green and Bryn Phillips later kept the music rolling.