Woodman Folk Club - Opening Plan
Hello Folketeers,
We’re Back!

The Real Woodman Folk Club opens its doors on Friday the 17th of September at 8:00pm.

We start the season off as usual by opening up Membership and proceeding with a good old Wonderful Woodman Singer’s Night.

We then carry-on picking from our amazing Talent Garden, sowing the seeds of joy for all you lovely members and visitors.

Here are the acts booked so far:

• 17/09/2021 Singer’s night, opening up membership
• 24/09/2021 Pete Kelly
• 01/10/2021 The Fragile Hearts
• 08/10/2021 Ken & Ruth Powell
• 15/10/2021 Singer’s night
• 22/10/2021 Eddy Morton
• 29/10/2021 Will Morgan
• 05/11/2021 Singer’s night
• 12/11/2021 Mike Silver

Don’t worry if you want to wear a mask or a face shield, or if you prefer not to, you are all welcome.
We do ask everyone attending to be empathetic to the wishes of all. Respect each other and look after each other. We are a family and we are friends, but please don’t forget to lower your mask before you drink your beer or consume your Cob, it could get very messy otherwise!
For Your Safety:
• Hand gel will be supplied at the door.
• Once you have been served at the bar, please return to your seats.
• Of course, if you are showing any symptoms of Covid please stay away until you’re sure you are clear.

For all performers out there:
Microphones & Stands will be wiped down with disinfectant wipes between each singer/act.
Be Kind, be Safe, but most of all:
Enjoy Yourself!

Enjoy Yourself!

Debby and Derry xx